African Hospital

This is a series of seven programmes about the life in the hospital in Kumasi, Ghana. It makes an interesting contrast to what goes on in our own “more civilised” hospitals. Many of the problems are the same (and the solutions with them), but others are different, brought on by the tropical climate. The human stories are all too human.

1)    Accident unit: malaria; typhoid; ₡200 payment; Abiam, self-referred child

2)  Abiam – Social Welfare Dept; cataract; search for Abiam’s family, education and discharge

3)   Liberian orphan; malnourished children; rickets research; death of baby

4)   Beggar Osei; suspected cholera outbreak (actually E coli); Osei’s foot – biopsy and treatment

5)   Baby born on steps; overdue baby – Caesarean; hepatitis; naming ceremony for baby Akwesi Frimpong

6)   Tetanus – girl with lockjaw, surgery and cure

7)   Nativity play; suspected meningitis, death: children’s Xmas party; ward competition

THG, 01/11/2022